Monday, 31 August 2009

Water Games Update

Well I had today of work as it's a bank holiday as my parents went to go see how my brother is settling in up at uni so I had the whole house to myself for a change. I did some stitching while watching a marathon of Extreme Makeover:home edition on the telly. Six hours of stitching and this is my progress:

I'm really proud of how much I managed to stitch today, this is the most I've stitched on this piece in one sitting and although I probably won't finish it in time for my mum's birthday I'm really hoping to finish it in time for Christmas.

Happy Stitching!!


Michelle said...

Wow - you did really well. I love having the house to myself so I can sit, watch TV and stitch - bliss. Michelle x

Irishenchantment said...

oh wow fiona you have really made good progress on this now, i cant wait to see more

Gaynor said...

Wow, I love that design. I am a huge fan for all things eeyore lol!
Well done ;-)