Sunday, 6 September 2009

Boot Sale Bargains!!

Made my weekly trip to the boot sale again today and really had a fantastic day Smile wasn't expecting to find much but boy was I wrong! Found a couple of games for my sega megadrive & playstation (I love retro consoles!) & a couple of books I've been looking for but my best buy for the day was probably 136 cross stitch magazines for £10!! Many of which still had the cover kits & freebie charts with them! On the same stall I also found two Joan Elliot design works kits for £6.50 brand new, so I'm a very happy bunny indeed! Bunny Been working on Archie bear this afternoon and I've very nearly finished it! Will post pics as soon as it's done!


Anonymous said...

your so lucky

Gaynor said...

Wow..well done!!! You are going to be soooo busy lol