Thursday, 6 August 2009

time for an update me-thinks!

Hmm, seems I've missed my weekly update last Sunday, So much has been happening!
I finished off my stitching purse (mum very kindly sewed the zip in while I was at work) & I took it to the boot sale on Sunday to test it out, must have been a good luck charm cos I found quite a few stitchy bargains!! First up I found 5 cross stitch kits, complete & unused (except the winnie the pooh kit, its missing the chartFrown which I didn''t discover until I got home, if anyone has the chart for this kit I'd be extremely grateful for a copy!)
Then I found 24 needlecraft magazines for £1!!
Had a few good bargains at the charity shops recently as well, found 2 Joan Elliott books that I'd been looking for for a while.
Got some work done on Netwon finally, doesn't show up well in the photo but all the flowers on Newton's lap are done & I've started on the tree branch above him
Also started doing some work on Water Games today as it's been almost a year since I started it & I've finally made some progress!!! It's actually stitching up quite quickly to my mum's delight so I'm going to work on it for the next week while I'm on holiday. Hopefully I'll get it done quite quickly.
Think that's everything so far, Have a great week everyone!! Happy Stitching!

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Michelle said...

Wow - what a find. You did really well and that lot will keep you busy! Your stitching is lovely too. Hope you are keeping well.

Love Michelle x