Sunday, 21 June 2009

Weekend Update

Picked up the new issue of CrossStitcher today & I'm loving the Margaret sherry free kit, however I'm a bit annoyed that the other mouse designs later in the issue feature the same mouse pattern as the freebie kit with an extra border & wording. They could have produced 3 different mice to make a set of 4 instead of printing the same pattern twice... OK rant over, on the whole the mag is very nice & next months issue looks very interesting too. Work on the birth sampler is still moving forward at some speed, have almost finished the back end of Humphrey & hope to get it finished by tonight; so there will only be the backstitch left to do next week. I'm a little nervous about charting the details but I plan on charting them onto graph paper first so i can tweak it size before stitching. The jewellery I made earlier this week didn't hold up very well under wear and actually fell apart while I was at work but I will probably take an hour or so out of stitching this evening to fix them, will post up pictures when they are all fixed :-) Hope everyone has had a nice weekend, mine has definitely been more relaxing than I'd expected it to have bee, even if work was manic yesterday :-) Watch this space for photos, I'll try and post them up later on but if not it will be tomorrow. Happy stitching!!

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