Monday, 29 June 2009

.:time for an update:.

seeing as it's been a week since my last update I felt compelled to write will follow...maybe... Rolling Eyes I have been doing a lot of stitching this week, mostly in the evenings after work and on my days off and have finished all the whole stitch on my friend's birth sampler; I've also made a start on the back-stitch. Hoping to have it finished by tomorrow or Tuesday evening, then I only have to chart the details and stitch them to have it done completely Smile Seeing as I feel very badly about not completing any of my WIP's from the start of 2009 I plan to start doing 4 of them in a weekly rotation, hopefully this will get me through doing them as I hate 2 of them and 2 are ones I'd quite like to see finished lol. I'm planning to do this as soon as I finish the birth sampler as I always find that one 'big' finish spurs me on to complete something else soon after. The projects I plan to do this with are:
  • Spring Newton (a SAL from the WOXS forum that I still haven't finished and I'm the only one who hasn't)
  • WTP 'Water Games' (was supposed to be my mum's birthday present last September and I'm not even 1/4 of the way through)
  • Mirabilia 'Halloween Fairy' (Love this design, would love to have it finished and framed before October)
  • Jo Verso's 'Housework Fairies' (seem to keep making mistakes with this design and it was getting me down, sooner I finish it the better lol)

Hopefully I'll be able to post weekly updates on them and we'll see some progress happening much faster than it is now lol. After these designs are done the only WIP I'll have left to work on is 'Lickle Bit Shy' which I don't like doing at the moment as I find it had to distinguish between the various shades of cream used in the design; & 'April Showers' from Somebunny to love which I only started recently. I won't be letting my WIP pile up like that again, it's so hard to work on too many different things at once; it's been nice focusing on the one design and watching how quickly it comes together.

I will post an updated pic of the birth sampler before I work on it tomorrow, then I'll post another pic when it's all finished. I think that's everything for now.

Happy Stitching everyone! :-)


LadybirdK said...

I nominated you for an award....

CindyMae said...

I am looking forward to seeing some pics!!

Cindy Mae
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