Monday, 22 June 2009

Resolutions update :-P

Well it's over halfway through 2009 so I decided to look back at the resolutions I made at the begining of the year to see how well I'm doing at keeping them so far. My resolutions were : Stitchy Resolutions
  • complete all my current WIP's
  • start & finish 'popcorn flower's for you' in time for my grandma's birthday
  • learn how to do french knots once & for all
  • to complete at least one large project (one of the mirabillia or passione ricamo charts i have in my to-do pile)

Other Resolutions this year are:

  • pass my driving test
  • put any bonuses I get from work into my savings account (and not spend it!!)

So far I haven't completed any of the WIP's I had at the start of the year, however I have managed to add projects to the list and some of those have been finished! I haven't even started the popcorn chart for my Grandma's birthday and it was at the end of May. My mum has shown me how to do french knots but I haven't got to grips with them yet but I've made a start lol! Obviously the large project has to wait till I've got some of these WIP's finished lol. I've passed my theory test and the practical driving test is being booked at the end of the month so fingers crossed I'll get it over with soon :) My savings account is empty thanks to driving and paying off my credit card #:( soon as they are sorted I can focus on saving up :)

So there we are, things can only improve I think :)


CindyMae said...

Well not too bad!

Jo Alcock said...

Don't worry, it's not really half way through the year until the end of the month so you've got LOADS of time to sort things out really!

Katie said...

I'm the same with my WIP. I hav 2 medium sized ones that i just keep ignoring lol.
I do scrapbooking as well. filled a book for my mum for mothers day =D
I thought the same about the mouse charts in cross stitcher this week. they should hav had a different one