Thursday, 7 November 2013

WIP Wednesday

After much deliberation, the idea of having two large projects finished by New Year's won out over staying head on Super Mario.

Today I worked on the green flip its series by Lizzie Kate. I already had 2 and a half charts finished out of the 6 chart set, so again I've divided what's left into weekly sections; mostly it works out at a chart a week. This weeks section was the border and I stitched the entire thing today, I would have done more I think but it was hand dyed thread which requires stitch by stitch rather than row by row and that always slows me down.

I also changed the wording slightly as the original line was live 'peaceably' and that just didn't sound right to me, it took about an hours worth of re-charting and jigging the letters around to get the spacing to change it to live 'peacefully', but I'm much happier with the result and I don't think it looks too out of place. There are two small yellow buttons to go on the left hand end of the border but I'll wait to attach those until I've finished the chart above it.

And just because, here is an updated picture of Super Mario, the single black line is my start on section 2.

Tomorrow is Needles & Natter Thursday at Rosie's Tearooms and due to the size of these two projects I'll be taking Autumn-ation with me and hopefully putting more than a few stitches into that. I'll probably continue with Super Mario in the afternoon but right now it's time for bed I think!

Happy Stitching!
xX Fiona Xx