Monday, 4 November 2013

Super Mario Sunday

Last week I made the decision that even if its the only thing I stitch on for the rest of the year, I will finish Super Mario through the ages in 2013. After completing the top half of page 3 I decided to divide the remaining pages into smaller sections to work on each week and I've decided to reserve my Sunday posts for reporting on my progress, yesterday saw the start of this challenge and I'm really pleased with my progress already!
 Big Picture
 Section 1 close up

Section 1 is almost finished! I just have the rest of that Mario left to stitch and then I can either get a head start on section 2 or stitch on another WIP for the rest of the week, seeing as I'm excited and enjoying working on SM for the moment I will probably continue and get a head start on section 2!

Today was also Daffycat's TUSAL posting day, usually I don't follow the regular TUSAL posting dates, I prefer to do a weekly post, however it has been so long since I've done a weekly ORT report & I already had the camera out I figured I might as well post a TUSAL picture too :)
Mug orts are all from Super Mario, tall jar are my year to date orts :)
The Beanie Baby is one I bought from a boot sale over the summer, I used to collect them avidly in my early teens but now I just have my favorite bears and ones that were given to me as gifts. I do have most of the Christmas bears & several Halloween/Easter themed bears though :)


Lesleyanne said...

Love progress on Mario. Great orts.

Helen said...

wow super mario is looking great! what a lot of orts and a very cute bear ;-) have a great week, Helen