Friday, 28 January 2011

meetings, movies & stitching

So Tuesday's meeting with the area manager went well, he was pleased with the spring layout of the store so far and commented on how nice the windows looked, (so pleased with that remark as I'm the one who did the window dressings this time!) I've only been working at this place for 4 months and can honestly say its such a nicer company to work for than my old job, even had a text off the store manager at lunchtime today saying she really liked the floor move I did yesterday while she was off!

Wednesday night was movie night so no stitching. Watched Predators with Dave and even though its not a film I would have chosen to watch myself, I actually really enjoyed it!

Today was my day off and while that would usually involve copious ammounts of stitching being done, today was spent doing laundry. Did manage to put in a few stitches this evening but it's hardly noticable and so no photo update. Also watched the first half of a two part mini series drama 'Alice' on the syfy channel. Sort of a modern day Alice in Wonderland and so far very good. Concludes next Thursday at 8 and I will certainly be watching! I'll also be buying the DVD when it comes out on 7th February which will hopefully have subtitles so my mum & dad will understand it!

So thats the update from me until the weekend, when hopefully I will have some photos to show!

Happy Stitching!
xX Fiona Xx

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