Friday, 3 December 2010

Report on Friday to do list

Well I completed Tatty Teddy at about 3pm, so backstitching took around 6ish hours. *I really do detest TT backstitch!* I was very good and pretty much stuck to the pattern rather than make it up with was very very tempting at times! The completion of Tatty Teddy also completes my Christmas stitching for 2010!! =)

Went out and bought a mount for 'Wine A Bit', however it is fractionally to big for the frame so I shall have to trim it slightly on Monday after dad has gone to work (it's his christmas present)

Have started stitching on Halloween Fairy again, I don't think I will get her finished tonight but I am aiming to finish the actual cross stitch part of it so that I can do the backstitching of her head and finish the beading off on Sunday as i am out in Milton Keynes tomorrow and out in the evening for a friend's birthday.

Didn't manage to get onto Halloween Short Stack as I have been trying to finish Halloween Fairy off first as it's the older of the two projects. These are now the only two projects I have left in my workbag meaning I will most likely reach my goal of ending the year without any outstanding UFO's or WIP's!!


Stitching Kath said...

well done Fiona I wish i could clear my ufo's

Bev said...

my god i would have still been backstitching TT next friday not this, well done for getting it done in one day!

Lesleyanne said...

Well done on getting TT backstitch done. Glad you are on track. Have a great weekend.