Friday, 26 September 2008

Finally making progress!!

After a week of feeling like I'm being pulled in a thousand different directions I finally managed to get some stitching done, have almost finished the ironing fairy, just need to stitch her washing basket but she began to do my head in so I swapped over to Water Games for a while, I am determined to finish this quarter before October!! Finished Eeyore now so it's just the background to stitch before this section of the chart is finished, have decided to backstitch each section as I finish it so I don't have to go back to each section after the cross stitch is all completed. Luckily it seems that only key features & characters are backstitched in this chart so there's not much to do anyway! Went to the stitch & craft show 2008 at Sandown Park last sunday and came away with loads of goodies!! (spent just over £100 but it was worth it!) Best buys were my new free standing frame, clip on chart holder & daylight lamp and 4 Newton's Law kits for £12. Also picked up some sparkly hand dyed Aida & a Forever Friends Wedding Sampler that I'm going to give to my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary (it's in two years so i have plenty of time to stitch it Teethy )

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