Friday, 3 January 2014

wherefore art thou stitching mojo?

Right now my stitching mojo is nowhere to be found.

I pulled out super Mario this morning before I went to work to see what I would be doing when I got home, I'm further along that I remembered being so that's a plus,when I left for work I was quite excited about putting needle to fabric later.

After my fairly standard day at work I got home, took one look at Super Mario and decided 'no not tonight', a look through the wip bag didn't help either so then I thought about starting something new from my stash, had a quick perusal of my charts only to find that nothing was grabbing my attention enough to warrant a new start.

I was trying really hard to resist the lure of the games console, Pinterest or the mindlessness of the TV tonight as I really want to be more crafty in 2014. In the end I took my stripe blanket downstairs to work on while re-watching Sherlock. I managed one row before I succumbed to looking at the 'Geek' pin-boards on Pinterest & reading blogs on my phone while listening to Sherlock playing on the TV.

I did see a really awesome post from Jen @ Nennie Knits, she's posted yarn stash pics from the start of 2013 and then updated stash pics from now to show herself how much of her stash she's used up in the last year. I really like this idea and I'm thinking of doing something similar for my own stashes, not only would it help to remind me of what I actually have but it would help me organize my stitching/crafting plans with the Stitch from Stash SAL.

I'm thinking of organizing the stitching stash into themed seasonal/holiday groups rather than by designer, fabrics would be by colour with the exception of the Halloween/Festive prints & yarns would be by weight (4ply, DK, etc) but that is definitely a takeover the kitchen table over the weekend type of task. Not a Thursday night because I can't sleep type thing ;)

Fingers crossed my mojo will return as I look through the hoards of stash I've accumulated over the last few years. If it doesn't this will be a very dull blog this year!!

xX Fiona Xx 


Lesleyanne said...

Hope your mijo returns soon.

Michelle said...

Oh Fiona I hope you find it soon x

Helen said...

I'm sure your stitchy bug will return, mine goes for a wee wander sometimes & it's lovely when he comes home, those first few sessions are like falling in love with cross stitch all over again :-) Have a lovely weekend, Helen