Tuesday, 23 July 2013

TUSAL Tuesday~the (should be) weekly ORT report!

I have been stitching!! Albeit only today so orts for this week are small and not really photoworthy.

I have been stitching on Super Mario with that dreaded green background colour, DMC 3364 and I have about 6 orts in my jar so far...

Progress will be revealed tomorrow :)

Weather-wise the UK has been sunshiny and wonderful, yesterday's rain shower & thunderstorm being the exception, but then aren't there always exceptions to every rule?

That's pretty much all my news for today so I'll sign off now.

xX Fiona Xx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

TUSAL Tuesday

Well it's TUSAL Tuesday, so I guess it's time for a weekly ORT report...

sadly last week's stitching/hooking progress was slow to almost non-existent, so without further ado...here are my ort's from last week.

Pitiful I know, still all that means is that is definite room for improvement this week!! I'm on holiday from work for the next 12 days so I really have no excuse!!

See you tomorrow for another WIP Wednesday update!! I'm off to put some stitches into something, anything!!

xX Fiona Xx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday Musings~ July Goals

Wow it's the first of July already (and for once the sun has been shining this weekend!)

Theme-a-licious 2013 theme is 'Jubilee July' this month, that's holiday/celebration related stitching so I shall be stitching on my summery kits that I kitted up last month and possibly some 4th July freebies I know I have somewhere....

WIPocalypse 2013 goals for July:
  •  hit the water on page 3 of Super Mario
  • finish keep our air clean in LK Green Series
  • finish the border of Dandy Dreams
  • finish June Stamp
Other Goals
  • July Stamp
  • finish a strip of small squares on anything goes throw
See you tomorrow for TUSAL Tuesday, I warn you know they aren't amazing, I've been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf a lot this week!!

xX Fiona Xx