Tuesday, 2 July 2013

TUSAL Tuesday

Well it's TUSAL Tuesday, so I guess it's time for a weekly ORT report...

sadly last week's stitching/hooking progress was slow to almost non-existent, so without further ado...here are my ort's from last week.

Pitiful I know, still all that means is that is definite room for improvement this week!! I'm on holiday from work for the next 12 days so I really have no excuse!!

See you tomorrow for another WIP Wednesday update!! I'm off to put some stitches into something, anything!!

xX Fiona Xx


Michelle said...

Oh you are going to be lucky with the weather its getting warmer - you can sit and stitch and chill xx

Lesleyanne said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday and get lots of stitching in.