Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day :)

wow two posts in as many days, alert the media!!!

So I hit the sales in Oxford today and came away with a few things I'd been looking at before Christmas.

I put the voucher my brother gave me towards ZombieU and then bought a couple of other games preowned for the 3DS and a walkthrough guide for the Super Mario game I recieved yesterday (yes I'm stuck already)

Bought a couple of cd's and t-shirts in HMV, then bought Batman Arkham City for the WiiU when I saw it was reduced :)

Been playing ZombieU in the dark tonight and honestly it is terrifying!!! Not really a 1st person shooter gamer, prefer platformers such as Mario & Sonic but I am enjoying playing it!

Hoping to get some stitching done after work tomorrow!!!

xX Fiona Xx

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Michelle said...

You did well with your bargains x