Saturday, 6 October 2012

October Already?!

Wow the year has gone so fast! Hard to believe it's October already.

Suppose I'd better set myself some targets for October then ;)

  1. Finish Halloween Rules
  2. Finish Green Flip-its Series
  3. Finish Witchy Brew
  4. Finish Nose Garden
  5. Finish Hello Kitty Head
Fair amount to do but my stitchy bug is back so who knows? I might just do it!!

September was a pretty good month, I spent more time knitting than stitching though, I finished the scarf I started back in January (not for the CJC sadly!) and I knitted my first ever 'mug hug'. Pretty pleased with the way it came out, it looked like the picture in the book and it fitted round my mug!

Stitching wise I did manage to finish Button Button, which was a january challenge piece so I only have 4 left to go!!

xX Fiona Xx


Michelle said...

You have set yourself a lot of stitching for October! xx

Fiona said...

I'm beginning to think it may be too much... I do however have a week off work this month so we shall see :)