Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday Stitching & Holiday Happy Dances vol. 2

Hi everyone!!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, it has been sunny here in Oxfordshire (for the most part) and I am happy to say that I have been stitching!! I'm currently working on Santa 10 by Lizzie Kate, I started this before Christmas last year and I got as far as stitching the words and his hat before I got startitis and moved on to something else ;) Here is where I am now

not entirely sure what's happened to the image, I'll try and reupload sometime in the week along with progress (hopefully!)

During my recent time off work I decided to work through some of the finishes in my finishing pile...sad to say there are rather a lot and I hardly made a dent despite finishing off 5 items!! Firstly I finshed my fall fob from the Crazy Jan Challenge.

Then I finished off Darcy Day, also from the CJC as a pillow, shown here with my bear from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath and all my Darcy books, honestly didn't know I had that many and I've also just checked out 3 more from the Library!
again the picture seems to have failed to upload is a close up anyway.

Then with the help of my mum Rachel we finished Collecting Flowers from the Somebunny To Love range by DMC (my first larger finish when I took up stitching again in 2007)

And April Showers also from the Somebunny To Love range

And here's how they look together on my stitching chair

Finally I finished Lizzie Kate's Good Things (also a January Challenge stitch) into the lid of my DMC wooden box

Again I appologise for the terrible photos, I don't know why blogger won't let me upload them properly, I know they were fine when I cropped them down...I'll try and sort them out tomorrow, until then....happy stitching!!

xX Fiona Xx

p.s I also have stashness and summer project ideas to tell next time!!!


Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks great!
I love Somebunny - he's so sweet.
Love the stitching in the DMC box, I have one of these too!

Lesleyanne said...

All of your finishes are great. Love your DMC box.

Michelle said...

Wonderful finishes Fiona. I too have one of those DMC boxes and I stitched that design to go into mine too ! x

Fiona said...

Have to confess that was where I got the idea from ;) x