Thursday, 17 November 2011


still waiting on an exchange to arrive from Halloween....seems like ages ago when its less than 20 days ago! Soon I'll be putting winter/christmas ornaments out, can't believe it's only a few weeks left till the big day!!!

.......speaking of Ornaments, I received a new one recently...not many people know that I love snowmen or that I buy at least one snowman ornament a year, well this year was no exception only this year my snowman orny is a sweet little cushion made by Betty over at primitivebettys, as soon as I saw them I had to ask if I could buy one, luckily for me she said yes!! He's been living here for about a week now!
so cute! love the jingle bells!

Really can't wait to put my ornaments out now, love this time of year!

xX Fiona Xx

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