Sunday, 16 October 2011

breast cancer awareness

well i don't know how it happened but I'm back down to 49 giveaway is still happening though only now it's because it's breast cancer awareness month.

Almost everything included in this giveaway prize will have donated money to breast cancer research but I'm not going to tell you what the winner is receiving until the winner is revealed!! So to be in with a chance of winning this supprise giveaway please sign up on my original post here.

Winner will be drawn on Halloween & announced shortly afterwards!

Good luck & happy stitching
xX Fiona Xx


krystaline said...

Sorry to hear you lost someone :(
Great idea for the giveaway :)

Bec said...

Not good. I get disappearing followers quite a bit, it makes me think there is something wrong with blogger.

Excellent idea for the giveaway! :)

Stitching Kath said...

im still here fiona, i cant seem to get back into blogging although my pif is ready to offer when i can get back into it. ive still yours on display with all my other stitching.