Tuesday, 25 October 2011

best day of my life so far

and it's not even stitching related!!! It's taken a couple of days waiting to post this cos I had to wait for a photo to get uploaded to the internet.

On Saturday (22nd October) I saw one of my favourite bands ever live for the 1st time, not only that but because my friend Simon is lovely he bought the VIP tickets not the normal ones so we got to enjoy a bunch of extra stuff as well as the gig. ( I say we but Si actually missed the VIP stuff cos he had to work and only just made it in time for the actual gig!)  

VIP's got to go in about an hour earlier than everyone else, we got a signed poster of the band, a special 4 song acoustic set with Jaret & Eric ( I know they did Belgium & Stacy's mom but I forget what the other two were...)
& we got to get our pictures taken with the band!! I've hugged every member of BFS!!!
So here is my official meet & greet photo with Bowling For Soup at the O2 Acadamy in Oxford!

Pics of the show itself will be uploaded probably on Friday :)

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