Sunday, 8 August 2010

Water Games Update

Not got as much stitching in this week as I would have liked but have been feeling so down lately its a wonder I got any stitching done at all. Work has been really tough and the six weeks I have left at this job seem unending at the moment. Anyway, enough about my working trobles lol time for a stitchy update!
Done some work done on Water Games, I've found that highlighting the sections I've done in a different colour each week is really inspiring me to keep going and almost pushing me to stitch just a little longer each day to try and do more than i did the previous week. Didn't quite make it this week but I spent an evening or two stitching on a different UFO just to give myself a break from the blues of WG! That ufo should be finished within a week if i spent another couple of evenings on it.
Well thats it for this week, next week: hand-dyed aida experiments, an update on Water Games and maybe even a finish!
Happy Stitching and have a lovely week
x Fiona x

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