Sunday, 22 August 2010

I need to think of better titles than update....

Ok lots to show and tell this week so I guess I'd better get started before I forget it all! Firstly, Water Games had continued to progress well this week, I am almost into the final quarter of this design so the end is most definetly in sight!
Did take some time out on Saturday as I came home early from work due to dizzy spells and couldn't focus on the chart symbols, much to my dismay. Decided to do some card making instead and knocked up these xmas cards (sorry, i know its early) using some designs I stitched last year and the teddy I finished a few weeks ago.

I also knocked up a few birthday cards using a Daisy & Dandelion card kit and some stick on gem stones, peel-offs and ribbon.

By yesterday evening I still couldn't focus on my stitching but wanted to do something with my hands so....I learnt to knit! So far I have learnt how to cast on, knit & purl. This is my practise piece from last night and now I'm working with some lovely 4ply cotton yarn and I'm making squares to turn into a patchwork cushion. Hopefully this hobby will give me something to do on the days when I don't feel like stitching or in the winter evenings when the lighting in my house is too poor to stitch by.

On one final stitchy note, I have been very ruthless today with my project bag, I discovered 4 kits I had written on my ufo list that I haven't actually started so I've put them away for now and I've also thrown out Lickle bit Shy, the poppy card, the housework fairies and Let's Celebrate.

Lickle bit shy & Let's Celebrate both had mistakes in that I couldn't find so I've decided to throw them away and restart as neither were really far along (to far along to unpick it all but not so far that I'd feel disheartened about restarting. As I am not going to restart them ny time soon i have also put these kits away in my stash box for now. The housework fairies has been spaced on the fabric wrong and the metalic threads Id used were begining to fray with age so again the chart has been filed away for another day when I have less to do, and I just didn't like the poppy card, it was originally a comissioned piece that the recipient decided against after I had started. So now my project bag is much lighter and seems much more managable!!

Think that's everything for this week, see u all next week for another update!!

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Mel said...

I just love your work so pretty. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got Water Games from?

Thank you :)