Monday, 15 December 2008

Getting excited!

It's almost Christmas!! My mum is giving me the best present ever!! There wasn't really anything in particular that i wanted this year so she's filling a box with all kinds of stitchy stash!! I have no idea what I'm getting but i can't wait to find out!! Only 10 days to go!!! Finally got to put my tree up today and treated my mum to a trip to the cinema, we saw Inkheart & it was awesome!! Didn't follow the book completely by otherwise was very good! On a stitching note I have completed all my UFO's from this year so start 2009 with 4 WIP's which I have started to work on.

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LadybirdK said...

What a fantastic mum! Mine's bought me a tumble dryer :-) as my life is a constant round of laundry at the moment.

Well done on finishing the UFOs, you're an example to us all ;-)