Saturday, 11 October 2008

Backstitch is the enemy

MadSpent all week trying to backstitch the margaret sherry penguin card design from cross stitch at christmas and it's pure evil!! None of the stitches go through the holes in the aida, it's all through the stitches so needless to say i haven't done very much, also I'm sort of making it up now as it's mostly small dashes and i can't see them on the chart very well. No wonder most of my UFO's exist because I don't want to do the backstitching!! I'll get round to it eventually (maybe!!Rolling Eyes)


Marcia said...

Hi Fiona,

My name is Marcia, I live in Cebu City, Philippines. I also love cross stitching and im a member of the cross stitching forum. I saw your post in the forum and went on to click on the link you gave. You have a very nice site!

Just dropping by to say hi.

More power on your great blogspot

LadybirdK said...

I love back stitch - does that make me weird? Persevere with the Margaret Sherry BS as it really makes a HUGE difference to the finished pic.

Noticed you've got Maggie the Messmaker on your wishlist, I've been working on that one since March 2006 and it takes forever. WIP pics on my blog, I hope it will be worth it in the end :-)