Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stitch From Stash August

finally this post title is an accurate one, why? Because I started something new from my stash!!!

Yes dear followers after 8 months of stitching (or lack thereof) on the projects I had languishing in my project bag (only green series after finishing Super mario) I bit the bullet and started something Ive had kitted up for years!

Tiger Lily by Nora Corbett.

I've been in love with this design since it first came out but I was always too nervous to start it, despite stitching her Halloween Fairy kit a few years ago. I even toyed with the idea of selling the chart and bead pack at one stage but I found myself unable to part with it.

Green Series is progressing a little this month albeit at a snail's pace.... maybe I'll get a few more stitches in to it in September.

I have also added a few more colourful hooky rows to my blanket :) Better get a shift on really, it'll soon be cold enough to use it!

And I cast on a new knitting project (my first ever garment!)

This is going to be a knit-in-one-piece jumper, very simple for a beginner knitter like myself but not using the recommended yarns (100% raw silks at £21 a ball!-no thanks!) Mine uses a very soft 100% bamboo yarn mixed with an angora/merino blend instead :)

And the reason(s) for my slightly more productive month?
1. I liked the comment someone in the group made last month that this is a stash diet not a new start diet.
2. It's started getting chilly this month which always has me reaching for the yarn based projects
3. New glasses!! I can finally see without looking through a very scratched/beat up pair of lenses!!!

So to sum up, still no spending to report (even with the temptation of a market bonus!) and thankfully a bit of stash busting going on!!

xX Fiona Xx


Michelle said...

Oh wow Fiona your blanket and knitted piece is looking stunning - there are so many of us 'stitchers' now crocheting and knitting - good to have another hobby xxx

Katie L Oakley said...

Hiya Fiona,
You have left me a comment on my blog regarding the Cocoa Emma stamp :) If you could email me - that would be fab. My Paypal is the same. PS I love your rainbow blanket! Brilliant work! xx

Helen said...

Your new start looks beautiful! I hope you enjoy stitching it now :-) What a lovely rainbow you picked for your blanket, it's definitely getting to the time of year when that will be snuggly to work under as you add each row ;-) Good luck with your knitting, the yarn you picked looks beautiful (I also find the yarns picked in the patterns can be very unrealistic! After all most of these garments are designed for every day wear aren't they?!) Have a great week & enjoy those new glasses :-)
Helen x

StitcherDee said...

I am in love with the Nora Corbett fairies as well! You're so lucky to have the pattern for Tiger Lily as I cannot find it ANYWHERE. I know this might seem a bit forward to ask, but when you are done stitching it, do you think I could purchase it from you? I would love love love love love to stitch the design, and I cannot find the pattern anywhere. Thanks for listening to my plea!

A fellow cross stitcher,