Monday, 7 May 2012

I'm here, honest!!

Just not in a stitching or a blogging mood right now, but I'm still lurking most days reading up on what people are doing.

I'm on a massive pokemon card kick at the minute and I'm playing the gameboy & DS games through as well so I'm sure I'll be back soon with something pokemon related stitch-wise :)

hopefully be back & blogging again soon

Fiona x


Michelle said...

Looking forward to seeing your Pokeman cross stitch Fiona x

Milly said...

Hi Fiona, enjoy pokemon!
Happy gaming!

Lesleyanne said...

Hope you have some stitching to show soon.

Cross Stitch Ninja said...

Ooh that sounds nice! Which one are you playing at the moment? I'm playing about three...bit too much I think, but I love it! I'm playing Soul Silver, Fire Red and Emerald. Really really enjoying Pokémon, hope you are as well! Hope to see some Pokémon related stitching soon! I still have a lot to do on Snorlax and a bit of framing. X

Fiona said...

I'm playing Sapphire & White atm :)