Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September Tusal

ok well blogger seems to have changed since I last posted, appologies that update never really happened even though I promised it would, day off tomorrow so after i do a couple of errands I will try and get my blogging bug in gear!!

This post is basically ujust my tusal update for September's new moon, the small jar is full of my orts for this month and the large jar is for the year, mostly pokemon patch in my jar for the month this time round, have a few days left to finsih it and I honestly don't know if I'll make it :S

In other news I went to the stitching show at Sandown Park a couple of weekends ago and I use the term 'stitching show' loosly but more on that tomorrow so stay tuned for stitching reveals, stash and show rants!!

Happy Stitching

xX Fiona Xx

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Lesleyanne said...

Your orts look great.