Sunday, 18 April 2010

oh d-d-dear dear...

I'm not doing very well at blogging this year, my poor little blog has been abandoned for yet another month....oh well onto the update :) Work on water games has not happened essentially as I have been working on a different UFO, this one has a time limit of being finished by the end of April. I've been very busy working on Somebunny to Love 'April Showers' and I'm actually very nearly finished, just his little duck frient, his hat, umbrella top and the rain to stitch before finishing of the backstitch. If I knuckle down this week and next he should be finished on time :) Then it really will be back to water games, I'm hoping to finish that by the end of June as I'm going to Wales for a week and stopping off at the nimble thimble on the way, I'd rather not feel guilty for buying new charts and threads etc knowing I have a very old UFO waiting to be finished! TUSAL has been going well, loads and loads of yellow threads have been added thanks to somebunny but as my parents are away for the weekend at a flower show they have taken the cameras with them, so photos will be posted upon their arrival home :) have a lovely weekend and now I'm off the stitch somebunny in the sunshine :)

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