Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lots to show & tell!!

ahh.. it's been a very good day today, if not a tiring one...
Today I finished the backstitch on MS shop-a-holic hedgehog, I decided against the background in the end, mostly because I'd backstitched most of it before remembering I still had to do it. Anyway...after I finished the stitching the front of my purse I set about designing and stitching the back, didn't take to long. Couple of frogs here and there trying to position it correctly on the Aida but nothing major. Started making the purse up as well this afternoon, only need to sew the zip in now Smile This is what the back of my purse looks like Smile

After I'd gotten as far as I could with the purse I was supposed to go back to stitching Somebunny but I got an idea stuck in my head for a scissor case ( I take them to work a lot & tend to stab my fingers with them loose in my bag!) so I charted the design up and stitched it in less than an hour! It just makes me smile considering how much I've had to frog this weekend! I did do some work on Somebunny today, but not enough to merit a photo. I will finish it tomorrow at work.

Picked up the Birth Sampler from the framers on Friday, really pleased with how it turned out so I'll definitely use the framers again.

Last thing for today, I've been nominated for an award!
This lovely award comes from Gaynor over at
I'm supposed to nominate 8 people to send this blog onto but I honestly can't single out 8 people so if you read my blog please help yourself to this award Smile
Think thats everything for today, have a lovely week & happy stitching everyone!!
Frog 5 no more frogs!


Gaynor said...

The birth sampler looks fantastic. they really did a good job didnt they!
Well done with the French Knots!!!

Angela said...

Love your frog design.

I dread doing French Knots. Every time I do them I have to get the book out and then ending up doing 4/5 until I get it right.

Katie said...

they all look really good. loving the froggy, he's so cute!!
well done with the french knots. i had to learn them not long after starting stitching (think it was my 2nd project and something for my grandma) so i sa't for an hour swearing with a 'how to' infront of me on my laptop until i could do them

CindyMae said...

Everything looks great! Congrats on learning French Knots, I am still working on that one! LOL Congrats on the award!