Saturday, 22 November 2008

I'm back!!

not that I ever really left, have managed to stitch another xmas card so I am slowly but surely getting there...did buy a few more mouseloft kits from ebay (four to be exact) but they are all rather quick & cute, which brings the running total up to 7 stitched & 17 to stitch! Having realised it's less than 40 days till Xmas work on the Mirabilia Halloween Fairy has ceased in a desperate attempt to stitch my cards in time!! Luckily I have the next week off work and haven't much planned as I am almost finished with my xmas shopping, just one last trip to the shops should do it & my partner is at work all day so I should be able to stitch relativly uninterupted :) Photos will be uploaded eventually, but not until noticable progress has been made! Although I may upload some pics of the Halloween Fairy as she is coming along nicely and will hopefully be finished before the new year!

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