Tuesday, 27 January 2015

SFS 2015 January Report

Month: January
Spent: £0
Earned: £0

Wow is this really my first post for the whole of January?

January is always one of those funny months for me, Christmas feels so long ago now and yet this month also feels like it's dragged, possibly due to the fact that my company always pays us a week early in December so we have longer to wait between paydays.

Now that's out of my system I can focus on the reason for this post, stitch from stash reporting!! I managed to go a whole year in 2014 without adding to my stash, however I also didn't stitch much and as such my stash pile mountain is still as big as it was at the end of 2013....I will be budgeting in GBP for my reports, £25 per month. It's just easier for me that way.

I started this year with a couple of projects in my WIP pile (all pics taken 1/1/15)

Green series by Lizzie Kate- just the final two charts to stitch then this will be done.

Santa's Wish List by Lizzie Kate - started in December, the 2nd start from stash in 2014.

Tigerlily by Nora Corbett/Mirabilia - started in 2014 and my only other start from stash last year.

I also started 6 charts from my stash, progress shown as of 27/1/15:

Shy Guys, technically this wasn't in my stash but was a free download from Spritestitch.com, my boyfriend asked me to teach him how to cross stitch and this was the chart he chose to stitch so I started alongside him....needless to say he has taken to it like a duck to water and is considerally further along than I am!!

Bunny Egg Mini by Waxing Moon Designs, stitched on 14ct pink aida using Anchor 1360 rather than the suggested DMC, I plan on stitching the rabbits in brown.

Flying Monkeys by Glory Bee, I've had this kitted up for ages so figured it was about time I got it stitched!

Yesterday/Today by the sunflower seed, I'm actually only stitching part of this design, the wording and two of the flowers which I'll move closer to the wording, I stitched this up for an exchange in 2013/2012 and always wanted to do it again for myself.

Signs of Winter by Bent Creek, snowmen and penguins, what's not to love!!

Love Bug, a freebie I downloaded from here years ago and found in my pattern drawer while having a bit of a tidy, stitched on a scrap of DMC's heart print impressions aida in the recommended threads.

This year we have the option of 'earning more money' by counting finishes from our stash, I won't be following along with this side of it as it falls into the category of 'can't spend what you haven't got' for me. We can't buy stash on 'credit' ie spending £30 one month and budgeting for £20 not £25 the next, and this just seems to fall into the same category for me. Obviously that is just my opinion and if others don't feel the same way about as me that's fine, my stitching tends to be fairly small so I don't feel the need to incentive myself to finish things other than to see the finished item but with larger stitches such as HAED's I can see the possible need for a celebration of a page finish.

So that's my report for this month, I apologise for the rubbish iPhone pics, next time I'll try and remember to use my proper camera :)


Tiki said...

Love these, lots to look forward to. I'll be waiting to see how that Easter Egg Mini comes out.

Stitching Kath said...

Lovely stitching. Just wondered if the Xmas gifts I sent arrived safely for you and your mum? X

Tammy said...

Great projects! I'd be a bad candidate for a group that doesn't buy stitching stuff. I don't buy a ton, but when I want to, I do-simple as that. And I don't stitch everything I buy and I'm sure I'll die with lots unfinished, lol.

Lynn said...

Thankyou Fiona for the comment on the breast cancer post, keep an eye on my blog for the release of the pattern.

viviene joeli said...
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